Rose and Shea Butter Face Wash


Rose and Shea Butter Face Wash


  • Special Features:- 100% Natural, Paraben & Sulphate Free, No Artificial Colors & Fragrances
  • Application Area:- Face
  • Weight :- 100 ML
  • Ingredients:- Rose Extracts and Shea Butter
  • The Gentle safe formulation is suitable for women and men, all skin types


Teal & Terra Rose and Shea Butter Face Wash for De-tanning, Hydrating, Anti- Acne | Paraben Sulfate Free, 100 ml

A unique formula of natural ingredients including rose, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera deeply cleanses the skin and enhance its colour and texture. It helps gradually exfoliate the dead tissue from the upper layer of skin, rids the pores of dirt and excess oil. It helps with a clean, acne-free and glowing complexion.

Cleanse, Nourish & Renew Your Skin:- A 100 % free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial colouring and fragrance. Refresh soothe and clean your skin with rose water and nourish it with ultra whipped shea butter.

Antioxidant:- The antioxidant in orange extract prevents aging and acne. Aloe vera juice and Glycerin help healthier and fresher complexion.

Shea Butter:- The rich tree-nut oils in Shea butter can soak into your skin, creating a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture. This moisturizing effect can last several hours. Shea butter has also been reported to have anti-aging properties.

Roses:- The antioxidants in roses work to neutralize free radicals, which can provide anti-aging benefits to the skin as well. Also, rose water helps to balance out moisture.


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