Onion & Castor Hair Oil for Hairfall Control, Hair Regrowth & Dandruff Control, 100ml


Onion & Castor Hair Oil for Hairfall Control, Hair Regrowth & Dandruff Control, 100ml

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  • Special Features:- 100% Natural, Paraben & Sulphate Free, No Artificial Colors & Fragrances
  • Application Area:- Hair and Scalp, Massage into scalp or apply few drops on hair
  • Weight :- 100 ML
  • Ingredients:- Red Onion Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Argan Oil Jojoba Oil Hibiscus Oil Indian Margosa Tree, Bhringaraj Mango Butter Shea Butter Sandalwood Oil Rose Oil
  • Especially For Men, Women & Children


Red Onion Oil – Very rich in sulphur, Vitamin A, C, E that provides hair follicle with desired nutrition, cures scalp infections and assist in hair growth, contains enzyme catalase that helps prevent premature greying.

Coconut Oil – Great source of vitamin E and Proteins, it is extremely beneficial for hair and skin.

Argan Oil – Perfect tonic for lustrous hair and glowing skin enriched with Vitamin A, E & Omega6 fatty acids, hydrates and repairs tissues. Treats sunburns and rashes. Deeply conditions hair, promotes hair growth, tames fizz.

Hibiscus Oil – Rich in natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help reduce wrinkles. Contains vitamins A, C, amino acids and antioxidants that nourishes, revitalizes hair and skin.

Shea Butter Excellent – For skin lightening and glow, restores elasticity, a source of Vitamin A, E, F, Natural SPF, protects against the sun. Anti-ageing, prevents dry skin, acne and scars. Reduces stretch marks and cellulite.

Sandalwood Oil – Calming and aromatic. Promotes healthy smooth skin, clears the complexion, reduces blemishes and scars. Anti Tanning and protects against UV damage. Provides prickly heat and itch relief.

Rose Oil – Help reduce acne, fades acne scars, hydrates and soothe overall skin tissue, natural skin tonic for cell renewal.

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100ml, 200ml + free Neem Comb

52 reviews for Onion & Castor Hair Oil for Hairfall Control, Hair Regrowth & Dandruff Control, 100ml

  1. Akshay Karande

    Great product to have. Effects are great, hair fall has decreased, new hair growth with smooth and silky hair. Value foroney product. With regular use having great effect on hair.

  2. Sanjana

    This oil is awesome my hairs looks soft and healthy this is natural product for hair fall and dandfruff treatment it helps me to maintain my hairs i love this product very much

  3. rekha

    Best hair oil ever using this product from 3 month and result are amazing . no hair fall problem after using it. try it once

  4. Nidhi Goyal

    I used this oil/serum it’s really effective . Hairfall reduced and dandruff problem completely cured .Thanx Teal and Terra for the awesome product.

  5. Rukhsar

    I started using this oil 2 months ago ..I was suffering from very bad hairfall and thin hair problem but now after using this oil regularly I have no hair problems at all..thnx to teal n terra

  6. Sonal Agrawal

    Best Onion oil and castor oil in market. Onion oil stops hair fall and regrowth of hair while castor oil increases ddnsity of hair. Thus oil is mixture of different oils ehich helps hair properties in different way. Best thing about this oil is it’s mild fragrance and it’s possible to keep this oil in hair idue to its lightness. This one has won my heart for sure.

  7. payel Bhadra

    I was suffering from very bad hair fall ,Dandruff,itchy scalp.started using this oil 1 month worked hair fall ,Dandruff almost gone and my itchy scalp become healthy scalp.I am love this products.highly recomended.

  8. Satwinder Kaur

    Teal and terra’s onion and castor oil is a must have for hair care. It has argam, bhringraj, amla and jojoba oil too so that we can finally say no to hair related problems and accelerate the hair growth. onion being a natural source of sulphur gives essential nutrients to the hair we can finally avoid the artificial chemicals.

  9. Shilpa

    Summer is here and during this season extra care of Hair and Skin is very much essential. Recently i have included products from @tealandterra in my routine and I’m very much impressed with the results.
    Red onion oil◾Coconut oil◾Sunflower oil ◾Vitamin E ◾Castor oil ◾Jojoba oil ◾ Hibiscus oil ◾Indian margosa tree ◾ Bhingaraj ◾ Mango butter ◾Shea butter ◾Sandalwood oil ◾Rose oil ◾
    👉To treat hair fall
    👉Hair regrowth
    👉Reduce Dandruff
    👉Prevents premature greying
    👉Deep conditioning of hair 👉Reduces frizzines
    Apply on scalp and hair length,leave for few hours or overnight.After shampoo apply few drops on lenght of hair. Don’t rinse.
    ✔This oil comes in pump bottle for easy access. ✔It is non greasy.
    ✔It smells good because of the presence of rose oil and sandalwood oil it.
    ✔It can be used even by Men and Children
    💯100% Natural
    💯No Artificial colour
    💯No Artificial fragnace
    💯Paraben and Sulfate free
    I would highly recommend this product for everyone.

  10. Sona

    After having a baby, we all suffer from extreme hairfall. So was I. Tried many brands but saw not much result. After using it for quite a few days now, i can see the result. Hairfall has reduced. This is made up of all natural ingredients so this is a must buy

  11. Rajat jain

    Onion and castor oil is very good for skin as well as hair. I loved the oil from teal and terra. I recommend it to everyone who has dry skin, dry scalp, or any skin or hair problems. Infact this can be used on a day to basis by everyone also because of its so many benefits.

  12. Priyanka Singhal

    The best part is it can be used as a serum and as a hair oil, it has made my hair heakthy and helped in reducing dandruff and hairfall. As it is chemical free so can be used everyday

  13. Deepika gupta

    I am having problem of hairfall and dandruff from many days. This oil is helping me to rid of that. It is value for money and fragrance is also good.

  14. Pallavi Jain

    Teal & Terra Hairfall and Dandruff treatment (Serum/Very light Oil) is amazing in use..very light on scalp and very effective in fight of dandruff.. I’ll buy more become using it daily to see the results on reduction on hairfall .. but I love the outcome of this super light , non sticky serum.. Must try product

  15. Minakshi Goswami

    Dandruff is that one common hair problem which stays with no matter whether it is summer or winter. In winters we have dry dandruff and the same converts into wet dandruff during summer. I was so tired fighting against dandruff; nothing seemed to work on my scalp.

    Recently, I ordered a complete set of hair care products from this brand called Teal & Terra. I must tell that I am super happy with the amazing result of Teal & Terra hair fall and dandruff treatment (Serum/Very light oil). The best thing about Teal & Terra hair fall and dandruff treatment is that it comes with a soothing smell. What is even better about it is that the product is free from any artificial fragrance. Apart from onion, Teal and Terra hair fall and dandruff treatment contains other 13 ingredients and the combination of all these make onion smell disappear completely.

  16. Nimisha Popat

    I loved the fact that it is light weight and can be used in both ways as a hair oil as well as serum. Despite containing onion it has a very pleasant fragrance. Working good for my dry hair.

  17. Ila Varma

    I used the onion n castor hair oil n I fell in love with the product. It is fully organic so ho tension of hair damage. I recommend to use this product to cure hair loss, check dandruff etc. Surprieingly there is no foul smell of onions in oil.

  18. Deepika Bali

    Since ages we have known the value of Coconut and Sunflower oil for our hair, but little did we know that the Red Onion Oil is also beneficial! Loaded with Vitamin A, C and Sulphur, Onion Oil helps promote hair growth and helps keep grey hair at bay. This Hair Serum is perfect for someone who suffers from dandruff and hairfall. And since it is made with all natural ingredients, this serum is all you need in your vanity to care for your hair. And trust me , this product is absolutely amazing and does wonders.

  19. Surbhi Mahobia

    The texture of the hair oil is quite light and doesn’t require conditioner after washing off from hair and scalp. It doesn’t make hair and scalp sticky. The ingredients in this hair oil are perfect for growing healthy hair and having a clean scalp.

  20. Raj Kumar

    Onion and castor oil is very good for skin as well as hair. I loved the oil from teal and terra. I recommend it to everyone who has dry skin, dry scalp, or any skin or hair problems. Infact this can be used on a day to basis by everyone also because of its so many benefits.

  21. jaideep khanduja

    One of the best oils that suit hair and skin so well. Very effective.

  22. Anshu soni

    This oil is absolutely perfect for dandruff concerns, i love that it works on dandruff n never let them come back, also maintains hair

  23. Sanchi Jain

    Recently ordered this Teal and Terra Hair oil and it works so wonderfully for my hair. Nourishes my hair and prevented hairfall. Really a highly reccomended oil.


    Okay soo frankly speaking when i am ordering i was soo confused whether should i go for it or should not bcoz its too pricy but i still order and after using 1 month i can tell you the real truth it is soo good not only my dandruff goes away , my hair fall stop also the quality of the hair Totally changed i feel more soft after touching my hairs thickness the shine everything i got from this amazing oil 💜

  25. Sakshi Singh

    It’s a great oil , it’s paraben and sulphate freehand no artificial colour or fragrance used it’s all natural and I guess this is the best thing about this product. Now my hairfall is less due to this, loved it.

  26. Kanchan

    This onion and castor oil is rich in natural oils that deep nourishes the scalp and hair. Best part is oil is Paraben & Sulphate free and also no artificial colors & fragrances are used. It works so well on undernourished hair and help in growth of hair. Texture of oil is so light and fragrance is quite good too.

  27. Karan chavan

    Effective product, it’s really work ,I m using this from 1 week and it shows good results it’s remove my dandruff and decrease my hair fall also , highly recommend.

  28. Juhi

    Amazing hair oil, formulated perfectly for the hair care and it’s the blend of all essentials oil which boost the hair growth. The oil consistency is very lightweighted, it fairly help in curing dandruff and hairfall.

  29. Fatema

    Very nice product.after using this my hair became shiny and smooth.its control my hair fall.value for money it.

  30. Shradha honrao

    This is very nice product. Some time before I was afraid of dandruff and problem of hair fall but now their is growth in hair is archived and dandruff is removed from my hair. This oil is very effective for increasing growth of hair. I am very with this product. And price of product is preferable for us. So I like this product.

  31. Shradha honrao

    This is very nice product. Sometimes before I was afraid of dandruff and problems of hairfall but now there is growth in my hair

  32. Bhawna Shah

    This is an amazing oil, mild fragrance, non-greasy and has the power to cure dandruff and hair fall.

  33. Annu Zaveri

    It reduces my hair and dandruff in one use.i really love the is really effective

  34. Priyanka Bhatia

    This oil is simply wonderful. Mild fragrance, lightweight and non greasy. Perfect oil for hairfall and dandraff. i have seen the significance change in hairfall.

  35. Deepika Dutta

    Experience with this oil was great , I used it for my dandruff problem and it is really effective. The best part is, it is non sticky. The mild fragrance will sure mesmerize you.

  36. Deevya

    Teal & Terra Hairfall and Dandruff treatment Oil comes with the goodness of Red Onion Oil Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bhringraj, Amla Vitamin E, hibiscus oil, Shea Butter, Sandalwood Oil, Rose Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Indian Margosa Tree & Mango Butter. Also, it does not contain any artificial colours or fragrance. This can be used on a daily basis and the product is suitable for everyone. It is 100% Natural, Paraben & Sulphate Free. The formula of this concoction very light-weight. I take 1-2 pumps of this oil and thoroughly massage it into my scalp. I have noticed slight difference in my hairfall. Overall, it is an amazing hair oil with soothing fragrance unlike many other onion oils. Goodness of all the above-mentioned oils and nutrients works like a magic potion. Someone looking out for a good onion oil should definitely give it a try.

  37. Anmol Aggarwal

    I ordered this shampoo because due to my medicines I’m having Hairfall and Dandruff problems. So my doctor suggested me to buy a natural shampoo who cures both hairfall and dandruff problem. So I ordered this Teal & Terra shampoo which is so effective because I can see the difference now and I would recommend everyone to buy this shampoo. The best thing is apart from all the natural ingredients in the shampoo its not costly at all.

  38. Ankita Tuteja

    Teal and Tera products are amazing I have been using their shampoo and conditioner and bought this hairoil .I bought this hair oil as I was suffering from hairfall .Its full of outstanding ingredients like Onion Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bhringraj, Amla Vitamin E .
    I have used it few time and was amazed to see results on my hair.Hairfall have reduced and my hair have become soft and shiny.It nourishes hair.It’s easy to apply .It has no harmful chemicals that could harm hair.Totally value for money

  39. Jabeen

    I’m loved it, I have dandruff I tried many dandruff shampoos but no use, but after using this oil my dandruff is reduced thanks to teal & terra, thank u so much

  40. Shubhra

    This one is by far my best hair care purchase. It has the benefits of both onion oil and castor oil and neither it smells like onion nor is it sticky like castor. Makers have blended them uniquely with argan,jojoba,bhringraj and amla lending to it a great scent . It has medium consistency and feels light on hair. Double lid ensures no leakage and pump cap helps easy application

  41. Gowthami Javvadi

    All those combination of this product are really good. Softens the hair.. And improves the strength.. Gives the glow.. I’m really happy with this product.. And one best thing is easily accessible bottle. So comfortable it is..

  42. Nadia

    Superb oil to cure dandruff and control hairfall. The scent is good. It has natural ingredients so overall dgoid for hair

  43. Palak Jain

    I really loved using this oil. It is very good and very useful. It really helped in my hairfall problem and in my dandruff issues. I would recommend all to try it out once for sure.

  44. Deeksha Thakur

    this onion oil and castor oil blessing for the skin as well as hair my hairfall reduce and because of castor oil the hair becomes smooth and shiny it’s a wonderful product

  45. sonali mendonsa

    This product is amazing and works really well if you face issues with your scalp such as dandruff and itchiness. It also nourishes the hair and adds lustre to the hair

  46. Anurakshat Bhasin

    A personal favourite for boosting hair growth. I love that it’s help grow hair and make it stronger all naturally. Love this product will recommend.
    Absolutely loved it, 😍😍 will it buy for my friend when it comes back in store

  47. Grishma

    This oil is really great if you want to add volume to your hair . Works really well .

  48. Aerica Sardar

    Tried this oil recently and quite liked the smell. It didn’t smell of raw onions which I was sceptical about yet works quite well for an oily to dry scalp. Apply it 2 hours before you shampoo to get better results.

  49. SunnySlice

    I have used so many hair oils and this is one is one of them. I like the fragrance and the way it works. Use it over night for scalp or simply after bath for the length of hair it works fine. Its a nice product targeting dandruff and aiding hair growth at the same time.

  50. Divyanshi singh

    Amazing product I would say …recently i’ve been going through this extreme hairball problem this product saved the day for me. Beautiful fragrance , very effective , highly recommended ❤

  51. Twinkle

    This oil helped me with itchy scalp and in removing dandruff flakes from my scalp and hair. My hair now feels more soft and silky. I can see new hair growth too. All thanks to this product. Highly recommended

  52. Rupesh Singh

    The oil gets absorbed in seconds, which is another great thing about this formula. This way it ensures that the oil is actually nourishing your scalp and hair follicles, instead of sitting on the scalp skin making your hair look greasy. Many of us experience certain extent of hair fall during hair oil application, but with this Hair Oil, I don’t experience any such hair fall.

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