Kumkumadi Face Oil


Kumkumadi Face Oil

(18 customer reviews)


  • Benefits :
  • Given Natural glow and
  • Removes Tanning
  • Brightens dull skin
  • Removes pigmentation .
  • Minimizes fine lines and signs of aging
  • Relieves dark circles
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Teal & Terra is one of the most trusted beauty brand among the market.

  • Kumkumadi oil night serum is a beauty treatment for Healthy, Younger and Glowing skin
  • Ingredients : Kumkumadi oil (safforn oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, walnut oil, caster oil, awshwgandha orange extract, aloe vera, lemon peel off extract, Mulethi, vitamin E, Grapeseed oil


  • How to Apply : After cleansing face with face little warm water, take a few drops of kumkumadi oil on your plam, apply evenly over the face and neck with fingertips.
  • Gently massage into the skin until Fully absorbed & and leave over night for best result.


18 reviews for Kumkumadi Face Oil

  1. Anshu soni

    Loved this kumkumadi oil,it is no greasy n absorbs quickly, works good on dull skin n pigmentations

  2. Akshay Karande

    Feels great on skin and having good effects too. Skiing looks younger and feels great. As adivce should be use at night before sleeping for good results wash face nicely and apply effects are great.

  3. Bhawna Shah

    The effect of this face oil is amazing. Lightweight feeling on face and easily merge in the skin. Using it every night and a visible change appears.

  4. Annu Zaveri

    It added instant glow on my face which i loved the most. It is worth the money. I hsdn’t have any reaction though i have senstive skin. Good product.

  5. Rizvi Zaveri

    It added instant glow to my skin which is really good and i highly recommend this product which is really effective


    I had a lot of pimples and acne marks… I used many expensive serums but nothing worked for me. But this oil did wonders to my skin.
    I use this oil with 2-3 drops of tea tree oil at night…I’m using it since last 20 days and I don’t get pimples now and my marks are almost gone..


    I loved their TEAL AND TERA kumkumadi . Lately, I realized I cannot do without it. I apply it on my face for about 30 mins and then clean it off. ( I’m with combination skin ) someone with dry skin , can leave it on your face. I love using this TEAL AND TERA kumkumadi .Apply this OIL in an upward circular motion on your face. You get this natural glow within, when you use this oil regularly. This tops my list from all the products. .


    The smell of This oil is amazing I used it on the face just one day and the face started to glow so much but since I used it in park summers I got few breakouts, so have decided to used it on face in winters , while right now using it on fresh stretch marks on the waistline . Let’s see if it makes any difference

  9. Gautam

    Works wonders for the skin Evens skin tones Reduces acne marks Nourishes skin deeply A little goes a long way.

  10. Mamta Gupta

    I was facing so many skin issues. So I decided to try this oil. And after using it regularly not really helps in reducing pigmentation and fine lines. It gives natural glow to the skin, removes tanning and remove signs of ageing. Now. A must in my skin care regime

  11. Shikshita

    Best Face oil for great Glow on face..Soft, Glowing, Rejuvenated fresh face achieved withing a week

  12. Neha Gaur

    Time to look younger.. This oil is for daily application , you should use it daily before sleeping and you will soon start seeing the results. It makes your skin smoother and provides glow to it. This is very naturally made and does not contain harmful chemicals. With increasing applications you will skin will start looking finer and hence younger. I also like the quality of this oil , it is very non sticky unlike other oils. If you think you have skin issues like wrinkles , acnes , scars , it treats all of them very carefully and does not harm your skin even a bit. I will recommend this to you all for your skin care routine.

  13. Anahita Irani

    Excellent product, using it for a month now. My dark spots have reduced and skin feels soft and supple too.

  14. Suma shankar

    Got best results after using this kumkumadi taila for a period of 1 month. My darkspots in getting drastically reducing. Happy to use this oil.

  15. Anima Jain

    It’s a light weight oil that smells great and works wonders. Within a few days my skin was glowing. It didn’t break me out at all. My skin looked healthy after using it.

  16. Pallavi Daga

    The product is an awesome one. Smell is nice. It has made the skin smooth and good. Recommended for the ones who want to use a useful product.

  17. Sakshi Garg

    One of the best night serum.. this will be my forever choice.. I wash my face before sleeping & then I apply this oil & keep it overnight.. I can see the results .. the glow., the shine., on my face from the initial 2-3 days only.. it does not make skin oily or dry.. perfect for my skin.. loved it. Nourishing.. cleansing., anti ageing.. reduce scars.. reduce hyperpigmentation.. loved it .

  18. Palak Jain

    This kumkumadi oil night serum is really effective.I used it in the night and in the morning even the whole it gives glow to my skin.This is completely ayurvedic oil which is just super amazing.It has many different oils in it as well which is just amazing.Wonderfull oil. I would recommend all to use it once.

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