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  • Special Features:- Teal & Terra Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut With Shea Butter Hair Conditioner is 100% Natural, Paraben & Sulphate Free, No Artificial Colors & Fragrances
  • Application Area:- Can be used daily on Hair & Scalp
  • Weight :- 200 ML
  • Ingredients:- Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Brahmi, Gudahal, Vitamin E, Amla, Lavender Oil, Mango Butter, Bhringaraj, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil
  • Can be used daily on Hair & Scalp
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Coconut Oil – Great source of vitamin E and proteins, it is extremely beneficial for hair and skin.

Jojoba Oil – Contains essential Vitamins B and E and key minerals such as zinc, copper. These are exceptionally good for healthy and glowing skin.

Argan Oil – Perfect tonic for lustrous hair and glowing skin enriched with Vitamin A, E & Omega6 fatty acids, hydrates and repairs tissues. Treats sunburns and rashes. Deeply conditions hair, promotes hair growth, tames fizz.

Shea Butter – Excellent for skin lightening and glow, restores elasticity, the source of Vitamin A, E, F, Natural SPF, protects against the sun. Anti-ageing prevents dry skin, acne and scars. Reduces stretch marks and cellulite.

Lavender Oil – Reduces stress, alleviates headache and improves sleep, restores skin completion, reduces acne, slow ageing with powerful antioxidants.

Mango Seed Butter – Contains super antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E. Has anti-ageing properties and is highly nourishing for the skin.

15 reviews for Hair Conditioner

  1. rekha

    its make hair smooth n shine ..nice product

  2. rekha

    make my hair smoothi and shiny .. amazing product

  3. Sumaiya

    it’s a very good conditioner. It gives a very good shine to my hair and the shine lasts for a long time and also keeps my hair in shape.
    I would like to recommend it to everyone to try this.

  4. Sona

    If you are looking for a hair conditioner that gives best result amd is made of natural ingredients, then this is the right choice. It makes my hair smooth and shiny too! Loving the mild aroma of it.

  5. Aditi

    I have been using shampoo cleanser . It does wonders to me.. i love using it regularly n recommend it to my frnds .. they loved it !!buy it .. perfect product

  6. Aditi

    Best cleaners that i have been using

  7. Priyanka Singhal

    I really loved the product. My hair texture has improved and it gives great shine and makes my hair smooth.. as it is made up of natural products and no chemical. So will recommend it to all.

  8. Priyanka Singhal

    I really loved the product. Earlier it was difficult to manage but after using it i can see the difference My hair texture has improved and its gives great shine .

  9. Priyanka Singhal

    I just love this condition as it is chemical free and makes my hair looks beautiful and shiny . Will definitely recommend it to all.

  10. Sonal Agrawal

    This conditioner works like magical wand. My hair is silky but after washing them they don’t stay softer throughout the day and becomes rough and tough to handle. But this conditioner made my hair super soft and manageable throughout the day. Prices are quite cheap compared to well known brands whose products are full of chemicals. This one has goodness of nature and it smells amazing. It leaves sift fragrance lingering behind that stays throughout day.

  11. Nimisha Popat

    I have dry hair so I keep experimenting with new conditioners especially the ones that have argan oil and shea butter as ingredients. This one appealed me because of its ingredients and I found this one to be a good conditioner. It leaves hair smooth and frizz free without weighing them down.

  12. Minakshi Goswami

    Oiling and conditioning help in keeping your hair healthy and happy. But what is even more important is to use a conditioner that suits your hair type. My hair is usually oily and I do not use a conditioner that often. But pollution, exposure to sun rays, travelling, dust etc. sometimes make my hair dry and frizzy. I feel the need to use a conditioner once or twice every month. I am so glad that I found Teal & Terra Coconut & Argan Oil conditioner (for dry hair).

    Fragrance is one important factor that I always consider while using any products. The best thing about Teal & Terra Coconut & Argan Oil Conditioner is that it comes with a soothing smell. What is even better about it is that the product is free from any artificial fragrance or colour. This shampoo is Paraben & Sulphate free.

    I am so in love with my hair these days. Apart from reducing frizzy feel, Teal & Terra Coconut & Aragan Oil Conditioner has made my hair way more manageable.

  13. Deepika Bali

    While shampooing helps us get rid of the dirt and germs from the hair, a good conditioner helps us retain moisture and keeps the hair strong and shiny. The Coconut & Argan Oil Conditioner from Teal and Terra is all you need to keep your hair healthy and happy. With the nourishment of Coconut, Lavender and Jojoba oil, this conditioner helps to reduce stress, elevates headache while promoting hair growth. Argan oil not helps to tame frizz, it also contains SPF which helps protect your hair against the harmful UV rays. Bid adieu to dull frizzy hair with this ultra nourishing Argan Oil Conditioner.

  14. Pooja

    I recently have been using Teal and Terra Coconut And Argan Oil Conditioner as I wanted something for deep nourishment of hair. This conditioner has proved to be a wonderful product as it caters to all my needs and expectations.
    It contains Argan oil, coconut , shea butter, jojoba oil, brahmi, gudahal, amla, aloevera, vitamin E. All these ingredients are 100% natural.
    This conditioner soften the hair and makes them look shiny. It helps in promoting hair growth, tames fizz, conditioning of hair and gives a natural shine. This 100% natural, paraben free and sulphate less conditioner does not has any artificial fragrance or colour.

  15. Khushboo

    I have been using argon and coconut oil enriched conditioner since few weeks now, and I am loving it. My hair feels softer and healthier.
    The conditioner is especially for dry hair and also helps in reducing frizziness.
    It does not contain paraben, sulfates, fragrance or alcohol, hence giving your hair more nourishment and not making it dry.
    If you have long been searching for a Herbal conditoner like me , this product is definitely worth trying.

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