Hair Cleanser with Onion Oil


Hair Cleanser with Onion Oil

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  • Special Features:- Teal & Terra Onion Oil, Rose, Neem and Sandalwood with Brahmi, Amla, Bhringraj Hair Cleanser is 100% Natural, Paraben & Sulphate Free, No Artificial Colors & Fragrances & is not tested on animals
  • Application Area:- Can be used daily on Hair & Scalp
  • Weight :- 200 ML
  • Ingredients:- Red Onion Oil, SankPushpi, Nagarmotha, Bringaraj, Brahmi, Amla, Aloe Vera Gel, Hibiscus Oil, Neem Extract, Shikakai, Methi, Licorice, Burdock Root, Glycerine, Coconut & Corn Based Surfactants
  • Ideal for Daily Use by Men, Women & Children
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Red Onion Oil – Very rich in sulphur, Vitamin A, C, E that provides hair follicle with desired nutrition, cures scalp infections and assist in hair growth, contains enzyme catalase that helps prevent premature greying.

Rose Oil – Helps reduce acne, fades acne scars, hydrates and soothes overall skin tissue, natural skin tonic for cell renewal.

Sandalwood Oil –  Calming and aromatic. Promotes healthy smooth skin, clears the complexion, reduces blemishes and scars. Anti-tanning and protects against UV damage. Provides prickly heat and itch relief.

Aloe Vera – Soothing, promotes tissue regeneration. Deeply moisturizes the skin. Keeps it rejuvenated and glowing.

Hibiscus Oil –  Rich in natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help reduce wrinkles. Contains vitamins A, C, amino acids and antioxidants that nourish, revitalize hair and skin.

Neem Extract – Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and detoxifies the skin. Great for skin and hair care.

6 reviews for Hair Cleanser with Onion Oil

  1. rekha

    nice product . regrowth hair and after using it no grey hair problem .. thanks teal and terra

  2. Nidhi Goyal

    One of my friend recommend me this shampoo due to chemical treatment my hair becomes dull and damaged but using this cleanser and conditioner now hair becomes smooth and frizz free.😊

  3. Priyanka Singhal

    I really like the product.. it guve a natural shune and made my hair smooth.. it completely cleanse my hair and make it oil free.. my hair feels healthy and beautiful.

  4. Minakshi Goswami

    Dandruff is that one stubborn hair problem which stays with no matter whether it is summer or winter. In winters we have dry dandruff and the same converts into wet dandruff during summer. I was so tired fighting against dandruff; nothing seemed to work on my scalp.

    Recently, I ordered a complete set of hair care products from this brand called Teal & Terra. I must tell you how happy I am with the amazing result of Teal & Terra Onion Oil & Rose Shampoo with Sandalwood (Anti-Dandruff).

    Fragrance is one important factor that I always consider while using any products. The best thing about Teal & Terra Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is that it comes with a soothing smell. What is even better about it is that the product is free from any artificial fragrance or colour. Apart from onion, Teal & Terra Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains other 15 ingredients and the combination of all these make onion smell disappear completely.

    I am so in love with my hair these days. Other than reducing dandruff issue, Teal & Terra Anti-Dandruff Shampoo has made my hair way more manageable.

  5. Khushboo

    Onion oil and castor oil are the major ingredients of this product which helps control hairfall and promote new hair growth.
    Although the smell of onion might be too strong, the oil is worth using as it does not contain mineral oil or fragrance or paraben or any other toxic chemicals.
    If you are having hairfall issues, you should definitely try this one.

  6. Surbhi Mahobia

    A shampoo with the goodness of natural ingredients and also free from toxic chemicals and preservatives is definitely a must-have. It cleanses the scalp effectively and reduces the itch. There is not product build up also. However, it requires a follow up with conditioner. I am loving it.

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