Hair Cleanser with Argan Oil


Hair Cleanser with Argan Oil

(13 customer reviews)


  • Special Features:- 100% Natural, Paraben & Sulphate Free, No Artificial Colors & Fragrances
  • Application Area:- Can be used daily on Hair & Scalp
  • Weight :- 200 ML
  • Ingredients:- Argan Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Hibiscus Oil, Neem Extract, Olive Oil, Glycerine, Coconut & Corn Based Surfactants
  • Ideal for Daily Use by Men, Women & Children
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Strengthening & Restorative

Argan Oil – Perfect tonic for lustrous hair and glowing skin enriched with Vitamin A, E & Omega6 fatty acids, hydrates and repairs tissues. Treats sunburns and rashes. Deeply conditions hair, promotes hair growth, tames fizz.

Olive Oil – Enriched with vitamin E and other antioxidants, olive oil helps with anti-ageing and restores skin smoothness. Helps protect against UV rays, resulting in glowing skin and lustrous hair.

Aloe Vera – Soothing, promotes tissue regeneration. Deeply moisturizes the skin. Keeps it rejuvenated and glowing.

Hibiscus Oil – Rich in natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help reduce wrinkles. Contains vitamins A, C, amino acids and antioxidants that nourishes, revitalizes hair and skin.

Neem Extract –  Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and detoxifies the skin. Great for skin and hair care.

13 reviews for Hair Cleanser with Argan Oil

  1. Sonal Agrawal

    I heard a lot about this brand and decided to buy their shampoo. This shampoo has made my hair softer and shinier. This is best shampoo for my hair because it’s free from all the harmful chemicals that damage our hair in long run. My hair were manageable all day. I didn’t feel need to apply conditioner or serums . It has soothing and refreshing fragrance. It cleansed all oil, dirt from the scalp.

  2. rekha

    100% natural no side effect and result are very good . fully satisfy

  3. rekha

    teal n terra ur procuta are awaome. this hair cleanser also amazing . results are awaome

  4. Tanu bafna

    Using it at first 15 days i did not feel ny changes on my hair.. Bht after 4 months of continous use. My hairs are just awesome now.. Hairfall has reduced much. Must try everyone

  5. Rukhsar

    I have been using this oil since 15 days and it’s just awesome …my hair has become much smoother and silky’s effective must use

  6. Sona

    This shampoo does its job very perfectly. Bought this by looking its ingredients. I am always in hunt for natural products for myself. Stopped by this and loving it too. Won’t gee a better cleanser than this

  7. Aditi

    I m using this cleanser from a frnds recommendation n simply loving it.. it adds shine n smoothness to my hair.. must buy

  8. Deepika gupta

    This hair cleanser is a blend of argan, neem and olive oil which makes hair soft and shiny.
    I am too happy after using this product.

  9. Ila Varma

    Hair shampoo with argan n olive are certainly going to benefit my hair volume n shine. I ve used the product n happy with the product.

  10. Minakshi Goswami

    I always wished to wake up one morning with silky smooth hair free from all the hair issues that I have been facing. Wishes don’t come true until you put efforts to make them happen! Yes, that is what I have learnt in all these years. But thanks to brands like Teal & Terra that can make your wishes come true without any efforts from your end.

    Recently I ordered Argan Oil Shampoo with Olive Oil (Strengthening & Restorative). I must tell you how happy I am with the amazing result of this product.

    The best thing about Teal & Terra Argan Oil Shampoo is that it comes with a soothing smell. What is even better about it is that the product is free from any artificial fragrance or colour. This shampoo is Paraben & Sulphate free.

    I am so in love with my hair these days. Other than strengthening my hair and reducing hair fall, Teal & Terra Aragan Oil Shampoo has made my hair way more manageable.

  11. Deepika Bali

    Our hair go through a lot, be it stress, pollution or the overload of chemicals. Caring for them is equally important just as we care for our skin. Loaded with the goodness of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera gel and Coconut and neem extracts, the Teal and Terra’s Hair Cleanser with Argan Oil is your hair’s best friend! While Olive Oil is known to keep your hair lustrous, Argan Oil is great to deeply condition your hair, making them ever so soft and shiny. The presence of Vitamin A, C and Amino Acids keeps the hair nourished and makes them smooth. This shampoo is ideal for both men and women and amazing for everyday use. So get your hands on this incredible shampoo and enjoy soft smooth hair.

  12. Khushboo

    The shampoo smells of herbs, all the ingredients are natural , that’s the USP of this shampoo!
    It does not contain paraben,sulfates, sodium laureth, or perfume, which often makes hair dry.
    I like the shampoo as my hair feels much softer.

  13. Pooja

    Argan oil shampoo with olive oil. Dandruff is a problem faced by almost everyone once in a while. This shampoo is anti dandruff and effective in getting rid of dandruff due the properties of it’s natural ingredients.
    It contains- Argan oil, Olive oil, glycerin, aloevera gel, hibiscus oil, neem extract, coconut and corn based surfactants.

    This shampoo is 100% natural, and cruelty free( no animal testing). It does not contain any sort of paraben, sulphates, artificial fragrance or colours.
    It is suitable to be used daily by men, women and children.

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